In order to get you up and running we’ve compiled the below 3 step guide on how you can start creating your Trainer Profile:

Step 1: Register an Account

You can start the registration process by clicking the + Trainer Sign Up button in the navigation bar below (on mobile this would appear as a +).

This will then take you to the Sign In page, where you are able to register an account. You can do this with your email address or we support the function to do this with your Facebook or Google logins.

And that’s it – account created!

Step 2: Sign up for Trainer Profile listing

Upon the completion of Step 1. You will be prompted to a category selection page – if you are already logged in and click the + Trainer Sign Up button this will now take you to the same place.

Select your category from the list to advance. If you don’t see an appropriate category, select Other and contact us at or via Instagram regarding what your discipline is.

You may then be asked to fill out some initial profile details in order to submit your listing.

Upon submission you’ll be taken to the Packages* that we offer. All packages come with a free trial and you’ll need to select one of these options in order proceed.


You’ll then proceed to the checkout screen as below, where you can enter your billing details and any coupons you may have.:

We are currently only able to accept card payments, please note – you will not be charged in your free trial. Please keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming features post where we can share what we’re planning for the site.

Once you have completed the payment form your listing will have been confirmed and you will receive email confirmation.

*Packages may vary in price and free trial period, current displayed packages are correct as of 02/10/2020

Step 3: Setting up your Trainer Profile for viewing

Once all set up in Step 2 – you can now view and edit your listing.

At this point your listing will be live on the site so any changes you make will be immediately visible via the profile tab as shown below. Be sure to complete as much information as possible in order to give your potential customers everything they need to see to choose you. Many of the fields are optional as we know that not everything is applicable to every Trainer.

We are currently working on integrating the Statistics module as seen above in order to display your visitors via these charts. In the interim we will continue to provide your insights via a monthly email.

The field organisation on the profile page is preset as a template in order for it to be consistent for potential customers to find the information they need. If you do have an feedback on this – please do contact us at to let us know.

Once you’re happy with your profile be sure to click save changes and then you’re all set!

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