FAQs for Trainers

A collection of frequently asked questions for Trainers, Instructors and Coaches.

What can Train Me do for you?

Train Me allows you to list yourself as a registered trainer across many disciplines of Sport and Exercise. You will be accessible on our directory to potential customers and we will deliver you analytics to show you how much traction you’re getting. In addition to that, your customers are able to leave reviews on your profile based on their experiences, and you’ll be able to use that reputation you build to persuade future visitors to use your services.

What disciplines do you currently service?

Initially, our focus is on Personal Trainers, Tennis Coaches, Swim Coaches and Golf Coaches. However, we are open to all types of trainers and as we grow will continue to expand our categories, to have more immediately available.

What locations do you cover?

Our primary location will be covering the United Kingdom. We have a medium term plan to service Ireland and potentially move into other markets.

How much does it cost?

We will initially be offering two plans, both with a free 3 month trial. There will be a standard plan for £4.99 per month, discounted to £50 per year if paid annually, or a premium plan at £9.99 per month, discounted to £100 per year if paid annually. Details of both plans can be found by processing through the initial sign up steps.

FAQs for finding your Trainer

Frequently asked questions for those looking for a trainer.

How do I find a trainer?

Upon full launch, our home page will feature search functionality in order to find any discipline of trainer that you may want. You will then be able to filter these down based on a number of attributes including finding trainer specialities.

How do I know if a Trainer is qualified?

Trainers are required to provide us with details of their qualifications, which will be verifying and checking for all listings. Trainers with a green tick have been verified. It’s likely these trainers will then diplay these qualifications on their profile for potential clients to see.

Does it cost me anything?

There is no cost for people looking to contact trainers, our costs will be covered via subscription service for trainers to be listed and available on the site for you to contact.

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