None of us wanted to end up in a second lockdown in the UK. However, we’re here and we’ve got to what we can to get through the next 4 weeks and for the sake if our physical and mental well being, fitness and exercise is going to be a vital part of that. Train Me want to keep you informed and supported throughout this period, so you can find our latest COVID update here.

With that in mind we wanted to bring you a few suggestions on how you can stay fit and healthy during this period.

1. Online or TV Workouts

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Joe Wicks grew massively in popularity through the first lockdown, due to his daily workouts that supported thousands across the country both furloughed and working. He’s just an example of one of many famous fitness instructors who you can find online, particularly via YouTube, so you can do a workout in front of your tele or from your phone.

2. Virtual Races

In light of many races getting cancelled back in the Spring, many organisers took to apps such as Strava, to organise Virtual Races across the world. Generally, these are challenges for running or cycling which can either be done from home on stationary equipment or out on the road or in your local park alone. This allows you to compete against your own times, but also that of others as if in the race environment – it’s great for fitness and if you have the competitive edge.

NY Strava Run

3. Home Cooking

We all know how tempting it is to order food in and give up the eating discipline in a period in which it’s more difficult to workout. However, if you can resist (too many) Uber Eats and Deliveroos then you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot better

There’s tons of great healthy recipe books out there that you can whip up some not only tasty, but quick, healthy meals to help support whatever training plan you’re working too during this time. So If you’re going to be ordering food, try to make it Click & Collect or Home Delivery from a Supermarket and not a Dominos!

4. Stay Social

Just because you can’t go out and meet people doesn’t mean you can’t be sociable. Keep in touch with friends and family via Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, Skype or any other video calling platform.

It’s a massively important factor for your mental health that during this period of lockdown, you don’t isolate yourself from the world socially as well as physically. You can even use tips 1 & 2 to create a bit of competitiveness with friends, by racing or even just doing a TV workout together.

5. Go for Walks

Going for walks was something I found invaluable during the first lockdown. Whether you sit at a desk all day or not, being cooped up in a small house, flat or wherever you may be is not ideal – going for walks is hugely beneficial to both physical and mental well being during this time. There’s nothing quite like getting a bit of fresh air for making you feel better, however unlike in April – you might want to take a warm coat, hat and gloves this time around!

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